7 Online Resources for Executive Moms on Career, Family, and Fabulousness

Get a little help from your fellow female workplace champions.  They are out there.
Sometimes you just need someone to relate to how hard you work.  Or you needsome pointers on finding a good babysitter.  Whatever it is you are seeking as a busymom, you likely don’t have time to do endless research.  And somehow, that’s notthe kind of research you want to assign to your assistant.Well, don’t despair.   We’ve cobbled together a fantastic list of blogs, directories, chatrooms, and other goodies into one convenient, mom-centered list.  You’re welcome!
What you will find there:It’s Working Project by Forty Weeks is committed to helping the private sector successfully bring new parents back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride.”
Why it’s great: This site has a ton of information on why private sector companies should be more welcoming to new families.  The project is designed to help parentstransition into the workplace with easily implemented practices that benefit bothemployees and companies.
What you’ll find there: This is beautiful lifestyle site that covers fashion, travel love, health, and current events.  
Why it’s great: Claudia Cevenini (camparigirl) and Sue Wildish (sofagirl) are consummate New York mommies on fire.  They write witty, up-to-the-momentpersonal reflections that are so relatable to modern parents.
What you’ll find there: This is a member-based support group for professional moms, focused on business development.  
Why it’s great: The organization nurtures and empowers women in business and parenting with an extensive understanding of the challenges boss moms face.
4. Excelle
What you’ll find there: Great opportunities for career-minded women.  This site has job listings, articles, a salary calculator, and a leaderboard.
Why it’s great: Excelle has a great reputation for real-talk, a range of voices, and great writing on many subjects that are important to professional women.  
What you’ll find there: Cofounders Katharine Zaleski and Milena Berry join up moms with special skills and remote contracts, part-time, or full time telecommute positions. 
Why it’s great: The requests are all vetted and pay competitively, the site is easy to navigate, and you can set up notifications for when specific kinds of jobs get posted.
What you’ll find there: this site has a really broad range of content types: style,family, career, feature articles on moms, research, and conferences.  
Why it’s great: the organization has done a solid job of propagating best practices for executive women and has some very fun quizzes and giveaways as well.
What you’ll find there: This one is the go-to spot on the web for women to network and explore career opportunities.  
Why it’s Great: Because it’s a national organization, you will find so many women around you.  Network and reboot your career by joining and attending a local meet-up.
By taking advantage of even a few of these groups, you will be tapping into a wholecommunity of savvy, smart, ambitious women who are committed to helping eachother succeed.  This is, after all, one of the things that women do best.