About Susie Almaneih

Though Susie Almaneih has been a hard-working entrepreneur and business executive for over twenty years, she never misses the opportunity to help those in need in her local community and home state of California. As a strong believer in community service, Susie has proven that women can pursue multiple interests, and succeed personally as well as professionally when the passion is there. She believes it is important to help others grow and act as a voice for those who don’t have one.

Susie AlmaneihSusie Almaneih | Art for Recovery

Susie is a supporter of the program Art for Recovery, an organization
located at the University of California San Francisco Comprehensive Cancer Center, that provides an opportunity for the sick and the needy to explore their artistic bend as a distraction from their conditions. Here, individuals dealing with life-threatening illnesses are given creative opportunities to express their feelings and hardships through art and writing workshops, bedside visits, and individual attention from various artists and volunteers. This program was founded in 1988 by Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, and is directed by Cynthia D. Perlis. Art for Recovery’s mission is to share creative expression with the hospital community to heal spirits and teach compassion.

Susie Almaneih | Battered Women – Shepherd’s Gate

In addition, Susie Almaneih has made several donations to Battered Women – Shepherd’s Gate, a Christian nonprofit organization on a mission to free women and children from the destructive cycles of homelessness, addiction, and abuse. With its two locations in Livermore and Brentwood, Shepherd’s Gate is known as a safe haven for women all over the state of California, providing comprehensive care for those who need it.

Battered Women strives to address the main causes of homelessness through a multitude of tools, including: education, counseling, case management, medical care, recovery programs, Bible studies, job training, parenting classes, and childcare. Since their start in 1984, Battered Women has served over 11,000 women and children and do not discriminate against religion, race, ethnicity, age, disability, or any other status.

As an affiliate of these nonprofit organizations, Susie Almaneih will continue to show compassion by giving back to her community and supporting those who need it. Some of Susie’s other hobbies include traveling and incorporating art (particularly music and film) into the world of business.